Each piece in our collection is handmade with care and consideration by artisans located across El Salvador.

Through her partnership with independent, small-business owners and artists, Avila hopes to give back to the local communities in her home country. Over 20 expert craftspeople are involved in producing our exclusive accessories. Among them is Amadeo Medrano, a carpenter with over 30 years of experience, and his team, who carve SOÜF handbags with precision and a deep knowledge of woodworking. Our locally sourced leather is produced by Nelson Mejía, while the hardware is wrought by jeweler Carlos Rauda—a family friend, whom Avila has collaborated with on personal pieces since she was a teenager. Rauda’s workshop in San Salvador —established in the early 1920s by his grandfather— doubles as SOÜF’s headquarters.

Fostering close, collaborative relationships,
embracing sustainability, and promoting
Salvadoran talent are central to SOÜF’s
mission and close to Avila’s heart.


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Ethical luxury accessories