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Product Care


To prolong the life of your Gold Tone Brass or Chrome Handle: Take special care not to damage or bump the handle against hard or abrasive surfaces. They are made with real stones that are fragile, & may break, crack, or scratch upon impact.

If your S O Ü F handle is made of Brass, it could tarnish over time. As long as you make sure no harsh chemicals are in contact with your natural stones on the edges, you may clean your handle with a brass cleaner which will make it look brand new again. As a more organic solution, lemon juice can be used to clean brass and bring back shine. After cleaning with lemon juice, wipe with a damp cloth and buff dry. Cleaning your handle with a soft, damp cloth will also do the trick.

Your Chrome handle will not change in color or tarnish at all. Keep it clean and shiny by wiping it with a soft cloth, or use the same method for cleaning your brass handle.

Store your handbags in the Pillow Dust Bag provided when you are not wearing it. This will keep it safe & protected.

While wearing your Handbags or Accessories out, make sure you don't leave your bag in direct sunlight for too long, as it may loosen up your magnet closure which keeps your belongings safe.


To maintain your Wood looking good, you can use any store bought wood polisher. You can also use a few drops of Essential Lemon Oil and a soft cloth to wipe it & keep the wood shiny, sleek, & smelling nice.

If your bag falls or breaks, please contact us [email protected] so we can arrange your repair.

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